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"The muscle treatment and recovery
is now made easy, accessible and portable."

Percussive Therapy

Our German engineered deep-tissue percussive devices offers percussive therapy with Triple noise reduction, that can penetrate deep into the tissues of the body to repair and relieve the muscle fiber.

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Long Lasting Battery

7 Hours long battery life with Electric Quantity Display and Smart hit vector hitting Technologie™ will take massaging to a level that other massage guns cannot provide.

Duo Grip Design

Ergonomic design with slip-resistant coating absorbs shock and vibrations, and multi-direction arm movement makes massaging a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Massage On The Go

REBEL™ Mini is your ultimate pocket-sized partner. Don't get fooled by the size! Powerful yet compact Mini offers nearly silent massage anytime anywhere.


REBEL™ is a premium, German engineered deep-tissue & percussion massage gun offering professional-grade performance. Featuring several unique massage extensions for optimal overall therapy , REBEL™ is powerfully quiet and extremely effective in relieving soreness and tension.


Powerful, quiet pulses

Impeccable power yet impossibly quiet, the Metal Vent Tech collection’s rebellious design exceeds expectations, performing pulsating massage to release deep tension rooted in even the most stressed out muscles.

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Full Body Massage

Your body is a temple, and what you put into it matters. REBEL says no to harmful plastics, and our innovative attachments are expertly constructed with easy-to-clean non-porous closed-cell foam, delivering a hygienic and soothing post-workout massage.

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